Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A True Testament

Tonight there was a fundraiser for Liam's center at Monkey Joe's.  This is exactly the sort of place I would have NEVER attempted to take my sweet boy a year ago - or even six months ago!  Tons of loud kids all running around like maniacs and drinking caffeine and eating pizza.  Not to mention the climbing, jumping, sliding, bouncing, and other assorted mayhem.

But we went.  For an hour.

Liam LOVED it.  He would have stayed all night.  I loved it too because he wasn't as bothered by the chaos and noise as I expected him to be.  Granted, its a big place and it was a weeknight, so I imagine it gets way worse...but still.  He was amazing.

I was talking to one of the therapists who was there.  She made a very casual comment about how much fun Liam was having.  I fought back tears as I told her what a testament to the center's work in his little life this night was.

In our house, we celebrate the small victories.
Keep climbing Liam!!

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