Saturday, April 9, 2011

That Call from School

(Re: Late Winter / Early Spring 2010)

In the interest of socialization, structure, and draining the checkbook, we enrolled Liam in preschool.  They will get him caught up for sure.  He will see the other kids eating with their forks and peeing in the potty and he’ll want to do it too.  About six months in, he was in the four year old class.  I got a call from school asking to set up a meeting with us.  I asked what about.  The director proceeded to tell me that Liam is performing below a three year old level and that they thing he needs more help than they are able to give him.  Uh oh.  This isn’t going away.  He’s not catching up.  They suggested we find out who in the school system can do an early intervention evaluation.  Of course they didn’t know who that might be since we live in a different school district.  Luckily, I had a friend who knew who I should contact. Thank God for her.  I’d still be trying to figure out who to call.  So I called this “parent contact” lady.  She asked lots of questions about Liam and mailed a mountain of paperwork to fill out.  Phew.  Made it though without my hand breaking off.  His evaluation – two 2 ½ hour days of “preschool” where several experts in different fields analyze my boy – was scheduled.  This presented what I’m guessing is the first of many logistical challenges.  Josh dropped him off and I picked him up and delivered him to his actual preschool 20 miles away.  The first day when I got there to rescue him from all of the mean people….I mean to pick him up and make the transfer….the psychologist asked if I had a minute. Shit. Not really, its 11:30, Liam has to be at school by 11:45 for lunch, and I have to get back to work. But for this – of course I have a minute. For Liam I have the rest of my life.  Then, she became the second person to mention the A word in connection with my perfect boy.  Have I considered it?  Sure.  But you are a professional and if you are considering it…GULP…this is not happening…PLEASE NO this CAN’T BE HAPPENING.  The next couple of days were difficult.  We decided to attempt to figure out what is going on privately as well and started that process.  (Another mountain of paperwork).  Now we wait. 

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