Thursday, September 5, 2013

Picture Day

Today is picture day, and Liam was so excited this morning. He only argued only for a minute when I put a shirt on him with a collar and buttons. I asked him how he was going to smile, and he gave me this crazy, exaggerated grin that would scare turn even the saddest person happy. “No, not like that, Liam! A REAL smile! Can you do a real smile?” I asked. General confusion followed. Then I felt bad, because I certainly didn’t mean to steal his joy, and his cheeeezzzy smile is still cute and miles past the blank stare that we used to be so familiar with! I am still learning when to let him be himself and when to try to correct him or guide him in another direction. One thing I know for sure it that I’m happy when he is happy!

Happy picture day!