Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rest of the School Story

(Re: July – September 2010)

I got back to the office and prepared my appeal to the insurance company who had initially denied coverage to Liam because we didn’t have a diagnosis and sent that on its way. (Many other details of my glamorous life of phone calls and paperwork have been removed so I don’t lose your attention.)

Several days later, I received a call that they would be extending coverage to Liam!!

Two pieces of our puzzle were finally in place. We had a diagnosis and an insurance policy to help us pay for Liam’s care!!  Too bad the school I had intended to send him no longer had an opening…..

Luckily, there are a few other center-based ABA therapy programs in the area.  We selected another one and began their enrollment process.  They are located much farther away, but they offer transportation!  Liam started after Labor Day.  I meet the van at a CVS Pharmacy near my office in the morning and the afternoons.  The van takes him to the center and back each day. 

We were so blessed that everything worked out like it did.  Nevertheless, I was pretty terrified to send Liam off to this therapy center all day everyday in a van driven by some guy I’d met once.  Not to mention the ever-lurking fear of what comes next????

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