Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Gum Situation

“Mommy Can I have some gum?”

I love hearing those sweet little words.  Six words in a row that form a complete and polite and perfect question.  Not only that, but it’s a question I rarely feel the need to say no to!  I have said no, but really, who needs four pieces of gum in five minutes time?

Liam LOVES gum.  All kinds of gum.  It can be big or little, soft or hard, minty or fruity or cinnamony or sour.  He loves it all. I used to think he didn't really know what kinds we had or what kind he is given to chew.  I have realized that I was dead wrong.  We have had a recent influx of gum due to the Easter bunny’s visit and the arrival of a package from Grandma and Grandpa, and no two packs were alike.  The gum section of the cabinet is now overflowing.  In fact I am looking into a new storage option since I usually have just one pack of gum open at a time…and apparently that isn't enough.

Last night Liam asked for green gum.  I pulled out the open pack of watermelon.  He said, “No! Apple!” I responded, “I don’t think we have any apple gum, buddy.  Just take this.”

[Insert minor freak-out here.]

“Fine, Liam.  Get a chair and show me.”

[Insert dragging of chair to cabinet.]

“This one!!”  He exclaims while handing me a brand new pack of apple gum.  How the heck did he know it was in there and I didn't?  You’d think by now I’d have learned not to doubt him. :~)

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  1. Good eyes and a nearly photographic memory I guess. Love this installment :)