Saturday, April 9, 2011


(Written Spring 2010)

The first time he seemed like he was responding to music was when he was TINY.  Sometime while I was still home with the crying baby.  Josh put on Elton John andhe just settled down.  Like he was listening and liked what he heard.

Later, he enjoyed Elvis in the car.  I thought it was funny that he preferred regular music to kid music, but I was definitely okay with that!

From the time he first heard Taylor Swift Romeo and Juliet, that is the song he asked for.  “Jewee-et.”  I think of him now when I hear on certain line in that song: “Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess.”  Luckily, he’s not afraid.  It’s just me.  But I need to be strong.  For him.

He also likes Dave.  Okay, maybe I like Dave and he therefore has to listen.  He really does like the song You and Me.  Again – I drew strength from this one and don’t mind one bit when he says AGAIN! SONG! AGAIN!  You and me together, we can do anything.  I’ll try to remember that, kiddo.  I’ll try. 

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