Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Here and Now

(Re: Right Now!)

Now you are all caught up. That is the short version of the beginning of this journey. 

Liam receives one on one therapy all day, every day, and he is thriving!  They started out by figuring out what skills he had, and started filling in the ones he was missing piece by piece.  We are six months in, and everyone says they can see a difference in him.  

He not only loves his school and his therapists, but is doing so well!  He is gaining so many skills and is starting to figure out how to interact with his world.  He has a long way to go, but we are definitely on the right path.  We will postpone his entrance to kindergarten until the fall of 2012, so that he will have a solid foundation of ABA under his tiny little belt. 

I have my ups and downs.  I go through periods where I am very optimistic about Liam’s future, and I go through very dark times as well.  I have a lot of guilt.  I cry a lot.  I read a lot.  I talk to everyone I can about their experiences.  I worry about the 80% divorce rate of couples with autistic children.  I worry that other people will be mean to Liam.  I wonder why this is happening to him.  Josh handles it better than I do.  He doesn’t worry so much.  His approach is to take what we’ve been given and what we have to work with and move forward.  He is my rock.  

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