Monday, May 13, 2013

What should I write?

It’s been a long time. It’s not that I have nothing to write, or that I haven’t thought about it. In fact, if I have a free moment, writing is all I think about, and I’ve started several times. I NEED to write. I have this urge to put things in print so that they become real. It helps me to really flesh out the answers to life’s tricky questions. My problem is this: What should I write? How deep do I go? What will the four people who see this think about my scariest darkest thoughts? The things I’ve wanted to write lately are not the happiest of topics. I’ve been stressed and confused and does anyone really want in on all of that???

I started thinking about why I read the things that I read. Sometimes I read for entertainment, but mostly I’m looking to connect. I want to know that someone else out there has similar struggles, and I want to know what they are doing about it. I want to feel connected and supported. The words I usually get the most out of reading are those that don’t just scratch the surface of something. I want to read the words that dive deep into someone’s thoughts and fears and joys. I want to feel what they are feeling.

So. I made a decision. I will write. It’s mostly for me, but its also for you, if it helps you to know that someone shares your struggles and joys on this journey. If it doesn’t, don’t read it. Please don’t take offense if I write something that you don’t agree with. I don’t write to offend or discourage, but because its for me, I can no longer be concerned about what anyone else will think.

Thank you for your kindness and your grace in allowing me to write freely. 


  1. Never fear to write, we are not afraid to read. Your deepest thoughts will not push us away, they will only bring us closer.

  2. Hey! I agree! I never did a public blog, and probably never will, but when I was going through my "dark night of the soul" that nobody knew about but me a few years ago, I wrote in a journal every day. It helps me think, and I claimed it was also my prayers written out in front of God and the whole universe. Never too sure the thoughts got that far, but they helped me a lot :~) I don't write too often any more only because I am far more content and have resolved a few of the things that were bugging me. Keep writing. We're here listening!

  3. Of course you should write! And, of course, you should share what you are really thinking! That's what matters. Not only will it help you, it will undoubtedly help others in ways you'd never think possible. For some reason, written thoughts are usually more honest and meaningful than everyday conversation. No distractions!