Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thinking of you today

My heart is aching for a friend. She got scary diagnosis number three today. I imagine even though this time around she knows the next steps, it doesn't make it any easier. She is such a strong, beautiful momma and is perfect for her boys who need her to guide them on their journey.

It brings back so many emotions for me. I refer to that day as "D-day" in the life of our little family. I both wanted to hear that my assumptions were wrong and also that they were right. It was such a strange dichotomy, and I'm sure other spectrum parents can relate.

The internet has been so wonderful for me. Its been my educator, my outlet, and my lifeline to others who really know how I feel - who can not only sympathize, but EMPATHIZE, truely having been in my shoes and blazed a path before me. They also see through the surface and know  how amazing these kiddos are. I am so thankful for all of the friends I've made along the way. These friends make our life seem not so strange. They help me with the hard days and celebrate the little victories along the way. They point me in the right direction and help to direct my perspective and energy toward positive things.

This friend in particular. We've never met, but I hope our paths cross one day. Love to you and your three boys.  They are made in God's image and are perfect in His sight. And in mine. And so are you.

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  1. I hurt for her too. And her story is all too familiar. Being a warrior mom has given me a kind of empathy that sometimes I wish I didn't feel so deeply. We'll stay strong for our families and for each other.