Friday, November 11, 2011

Summer is Over?

I can't believe there are Christmas decorations out in stores..its only August...oh wait. It's November. The 11th of November. Yikes. Here are a few pics from our fun summer. Which is apparently over. 

For starters...we got a new puppy. A yellow (although closer to white) lab who we named Milo. This makes three, and Liam is in heaven. 

Liam started riding horses. This is him on Sheba, though he is now mostly riding a lovely fella named Spice.

 Did I mention we got a puppy? 
He makes Sherpa / Mommy happy too! He is currently seven moths old and 70 pounds...

Liam rode his bike in a race. He didn't win, but had FUN!               

Liam discovered waterslides on our vacation to Yellowstone. Six hotels in eight days and he was a trooper!! 

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